Let's get nuts

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Evan Silva has Jadeveon Clowney going No. 1 in his two-round mock draft, but that's when things get interesting. More | Texans looking to trade down? | Report: GM prefers Mack | Edge-rusher metrics | Team previews
Around the world
Wondering who your NFL team is bringing in for a draft visit? We've compiled a list of all 32 franchises.
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Road to Radio City
The NFL draft is rapidly approaching. Our experts have you covered with previews for all 32 teams.
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Andy Dalton says his critics don't look at all he's accomplished and he's ready to prove them wrong.
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Houston's general manager reportedly prefers Khalil Mack to Jadeveon Clowney No. 1.
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True hero
Ten years ago, Pat Tillma, who left the NFL to defend his country, was killed by his fellow soldiers.

1. L. James (3380)

2. C. Johnson (2827)

3. A. Smith (2699)

4. S. Rice (2551)

5. J. Manziel (2251)

6. D. McNabb (2243)

7. J. Clowney (2210)

8. C. Ivory (2202)

9. R. Allen (2145)

10. J. Freeman (1799)